1. I agree with most of your comments. I will respond to what I don’t agree with in a separate post, and also at http://suboxforum.com. Note that the forum at that URL is not a place to debate the methadone issue; there are plenty of other internet forums for that. The forum is for those who have made their decision and don’t want to debate, but rather to share what they have in common with others.

  2. armme

    I have heard often from Suboxone patients this same thing–that this “hole” seemed to be helped by subs at first, but then it slowly doesn’t work. This could be attributed to tolerance-however dose increase don’t appear to help.
    I have also heard the opposite-from a very dear friend who is thankful still, a year later, that her “hole” seems to have closed up because of her time on Suboxone.
    I think R may find better luck with Methadone. See I don’t nessecarily believe as the “Experts” do that Suboxone is better for less tolerant and methadone better for “heavier” users of short acting opiates. I I I I believe that if you were a person who, while in active addiction, could take just enough to get high and be happy and content to save the rest you may do very well on Subs. However, if you were the type that was reaching for more before you even let the first pill, line or shot take effect–essentially you were the type of addict who loved to OVERFILL the “hole” then methadone might be for you.
    If you look at this “hole”-lol- theory you could consider that suboxone has a ceiling effect and can only fill that hole to a certain point–which for the first group of people is just enough to be content, but for the second group is inadequate. Methadone seems to take up more “room” in the hole, therefore it fills past the point of Suboxone’s celing and there comes a point in treatment where you stop craving to OVER FILL the “hole”. That is a magical place to be when you’ve craved “filling the hole to the brim” most of your life.
    Of course, this all might not make a whole lot of sense to anyone that hasn’t walked around feeling half whole their whole life.

  3. armme

    Oh I was certainly wasn’t trying to debate the “methadone” issue-just offering that we are lucky in opiate addiction treatment not to be limited to one medication if one doesn’t work-another one might. Considering how few medication treatment options there are for stimulant addictions (for NOW), I consider us very lucky.

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