I’ve mentioned that I’m getting better, and it is amazing how the body heals. We take it for granted that if you sew two edges of skin together or splint a broken bone, the surfaces will usually connect and create an even stronger scar or bone than before. THAT is what I am watching on my chest, and I trust the same thing is happening in my lungs.

I cannot do anything though. No driving for two months. Oxygen for 3-4 months. No lifting over 10 lbs. In a couple months I can lift 20 lbs Frustrating until I think of my mother in law, who was been on oxygen since having COVID in 2020 before vaccines. It can ALWAYS be worse. I see her in a different wau. now that I realize how long she has persevered…. mainly because she doesn’t want my father in law to be left alone in their ‘facility.’ Same room, day after day. No way to go anywhere for two years. POOR ME!!

Did I hear someone say poor you??? THANKS for ASKING! I worked on my web sites for several hours tosay. I installed a security certificate for the first time!! No, it isn’t that hard if you have a techie on the phone. And I want to thank the person who offered to do it for me. I just got to it a little quicker.

Internet Woes

I write about trading now and then. I mentioned how ‘the market’ follows patterns based, in part, on human psychology. This AM Powell tried to scare it down. He has said many times that he is not happy with the ‘ebulience’ out there (I have no idea where that word came from!).

As yet another aside, back when I wrote my main blog (I had several – the ones I mentiones and others including patienttimes.com. I like the name and still own it, so maybe that will be next (this is like inception; asides inside of asides inside of asides. Try saying that fast….

On that old blog, people would regular email or comment…. GET TO THE POINT. YOU ARE EXHASTING ME! I would answer, ‘then buy a book! Heck, I’m doing this for free!!


The stock market and psychological patterns. I wrote yesterday where the QQQ’s would rise to, because that was the 100 d moving average, which is more significant that the 50 d moving average. And sure enough, that’s what happened, It should fall tomorrow from the open, OR if it goes up, that means it is likely to go up next week. Just probabilities, but we will see. Better than going to the carnival! (do they still have those??).


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