Some announcements… Telemed appointments start next week Monday. Please let Nancy know if you prefer telephone or zoom or something else… if something else, you should email me soon so I make sure to have it on my end. I personally prefer phone, after doing both. I like screens for new patients to help me know their faces, and to make sure they are doing OK. But then for me, at least, the visual part becomes distracting and distancing. Phones see to pull people into a conversation better.

Funny – when I was young we all fantasized about phones with video, like George Jetson’s wristwatch. Now, Facetime on an I-Phone is disappointing at best. Reminds me of how I always wanted to put sauerkraut on my eggs, and that wasn’t good either.


When my relatives from Illinois would visit, my mother always made sure she had pickled herring and picked pig knuckles in the fridge (another good tongue twister!). Ever eat pig knuckles?! Not a good idea for humans or pigs if it were up to me.

I hope to start seeing patients in person at the start of October. I will still be on oxygen and I can’t drive until November, but we will figure it out.

Some great news for some people…. I am finally buying an e-prescribe system. If your first name starts with a J, and you knew me in college, then yes– it is YOUR fault! Seriously though, I realize it will make life easier for all of us and I see the writing on the wall. I just pictured you folks talking and me glued to a screen. Not a good look but they tell me it is easier now.

Finally as I mentioned before, last on that list is an online scheduling system where patients can schedule themselves and pay bills. I like Nancy in the office with me but with two grandchildren, I can’t ask her to be there if I’m not. Other advantages… no money in the office means a safer place for all of us. There will be options, of course, and I doubt I’ll be there by myself for some time. But we have to keep up with the times.


I have little to say about the stock market. Another thing I like that is probably bad for me. Those who are interested can look at a chart and see where I nibbled…. 13:40, 14:30 CDT… just before those drops. Oh, the power in these fingers….

It is a beautiful day here. I got a connector to give me 50 ft of hose instead of 25. I am sitting on the porch with my ‘guys’ of the hairy variety:

Amazing what 20 ft of tubing does for the spirits!


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