1. Robert H. Stafford, MD

    Decreasing the production of drugs sounds like a similar problem with guns. The NRA is being blamed, just like the pharmaceutical companies. Stopping production of ( or selling of) guns, and the same of opiates, isn’t going to prevent criminals and dealers, from getting either. Those who can’t be treated for pain, or protect themselves, are the ones who suffer. Maybe it’s time to fix the “dam”, instead of putting a finger in the “leak”!!! More serious action to treat mental illness, and urging families and friends to report a person with signs of a disturbed mental health problem, rather than fear of “accusing the person”, for fear of the stigma it could cause. The mentally ill need help, and that early intervention may prevent a mass killing, or other catastrophe like those witnessed in the last few months. Needless to say, it is equally necessary to get those addicted to drugs the treatment that they so desperately require to treat their disease. Decreasing the production of opiates won’t prevent the addict from getting their drug, it will only prevent those hospitals in need of medications for their patients to have access to them.

    • Yes- Milwaukee just piled on with the other cities who are suing pharma for their addiction problems. Do people really want pharma to play it safe, and avoid develop anything that could possibly be used wrong? The discovery of opioid analgesia was heaven’s gift to mankind… but now we’re going after those who helped make them as safe as possible!
      I blame doctors for aggressively treatment pain, although I note that researchers and regulators were crying out for more pain control in the 1990s…
      Also, I just finished the new season of ‘Narcos’ on Netflix. A great show BTW…. but they really point at NAFTA for creating the heroin/cocaine pipelines into the USA. We need global trade, but the thought makes me wonder if we would have as severe a problem if there were ways to effectively stop drugs at the border. After all, the US doesn’t have the climate for large- scale opium production.

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