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  1. tearj3rker

    Awesome article Dr. Junig. I’m really interested in Vivitrol myself. I’m hoping it might help with the tentative early months/years after tapering off Suboxone come that time. So I’m trying to watch all the developments. I’m also wary after enduring an ‘accidental’ rapid-detox while on methadone, which was painful.
    In Australia it has been ‘the other’ medication for a while, and emerged around the same time as Subutex for addiction treatment. It has been really controversial, especially given so many studies have linked it to overdose deaths if a naltrexone patient relapses, unaware of their hypersensitivity to opioids.
    I remember my cravings were blunted while I was taking the Revia tablets. Nowhere near as much as while on buprenorphine, but it did take the edge off. I had a number of weeks without using while my partner made sure I swallowed my tablets. But when my jar ran out, I conveniently forgot to book an appointment with my doctor, and relapsed. What’s weird though was when that jar ran out, my cravings returned just as strong as they were before I started the treatment.
    A number of other people I’ve spoken to, either from my doctor’s clinic, NA or active addiction, who were on either depot or implant naltrexone have said similar things. Even if their implant lasted the full 6 months, they all said they could feel it wearing off, and their cravings would return just as intense as they day they went on it. Only two weeks ago I was talking to a girl in the waiting room of my doctor who has been getting Vivitrol, and she said she feels cravings return in the days leading up to her next injection. My old Suboxone doctor also does 6 month naltrexone implants. Most of the people I know who got a series of them were using in the weeks leading up to their next implant.
    I don’t know if that makes any sense? Could a person use Vivitrol or naltrexone implants for a number of months / years, then ween off it without any return of cravings?

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