1. Joe S.

    15-30mg every 4 hours is nothing compared to what I used to take… On Suboxone for 10-months. I assume that my liver is repaired since I don’t drink… Is that safe to think? The poisoned feeling from too much Acetaminophen is not missed at all!

  2. mako06

    Just a question….
    I am on 6mg Subutex/day (just plain old generic buprenorphine) and recently had an emergency appendectomy. I had no analgesia problems at all. Dilaudid 2mg IV in the ER worked for the pain (which REALLY surprised me since I was on the Bupe) and afterwards I was given Dilaudid for pain until I requested to be switched back to Subutex about 24 hours after the surgery. Obviously this contrasts with: “The second problem with the high ceiling/tolerance level is that surgery is a hassle. People needing surgery need HIGH amounts of oxycodone to get any analgesia—I usually give 15-30 mg every 4 hours.” I never went on oral pain meds after the surgery. Just right back to the Subutex.
    Some hx…
    I have been on the Subutex about 4 months because I became physically dependent on opiates while being treated for chronic pain associated with ankylosing spondylitis ( I can’t take NSAIDs due to GI bleeding). The opiates eventually quit working for me. I could not get on a stable dose due to tolerance issues. I was at OxyContin 80mg 3x/day and increasing quickly before I was yanked off of them CT by military docs (I was seeing a civilian Pain Specialist) and accused of being an addict by them (something I do not believe I am). Interestingly enough, I had only minor WD symptoms once forced to go CT off the Oxy. My WD symptoms felt like a mild hangover. But mentally, I soon found myself in an absolutely crippling, hellish, and suicidal depression. I suffered that way for 2-3 months before I was placed on Subutex. The Subutex completely erased all of my depression and brought me back to feeling normal immediately.
    My lack of WD’s is certainly unusual, but is anything else in your opinion as a doc who deals with addicts and Sub patients?

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