1. thankfulmom

    I agree with moman, excellent post. I think many of us have a mental block against taking medication every day. But I agree w/ the doctor. When you have a chronic disease you just have to take your medication and get on w/ your life. Instead of looking at Suboxone treatment as a trap, think of it as freedom. Freedom from the deadly trap of addiction.
    I have a friend who just had to have part of his pancreas removed and now he has type 1 diabetes. He must check his blood sugar 4 times a day and inject himself according to his blood sugar. I bet he would like to be free of his insulin, but he will die without it. I am so grateful for Suboxone. We need to teach patients that they need to address any issues they have w/ staying on their medication. You may die without it.

  2. subzero58

    hi doc,most of us addicts seem to have selective amnesia when it comes to just how bad life was before suboxone.perhaps we should have to carrie a picture of the day before we started suboxone treatment.doc,you will be needing one also.So when a patient decides to go off suboxone all they need is a quick look at their induction photos. sub saved my life…thanks

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