I spend too much time in bed every morning these days. I wake about 6 hours after my last dose of Tylenol and my chest is pretty sore – not the skin incision, but the deep bony part. That freaks me out after watching all of the Alien movies. Maybe skip them if you think you’ll ever need chest surgery. That’s one of the things to notice when you’re sick in a warming world. Every muscle attaches in two places, and contracting a muscle pulls something you didn’t expect to be pulled.

By the way I have this SEO plug-in (search engine optimization) that is starting to annoy me. As I type, it updates my ‘score’. The headline had me at 100. This paragraph took me to 74. It likes me to repeat the title in the first paragraph or two – which I did. It helped.

But today I’m noticing birds. It rained all night, finally, after a long dry spell. Everyone says this is global warming, but we have had many dry spells. I know, because we’ve had many summers when the entire lawn was dead. Our bushes are drooping but the grass is green. I worry that our young people will soon think every bit of bad weather is unique to their lives. If you are young, realize we have had dust bowls, hurricanes, floods, etc. for thousands of years. Most of the worst hurricanes were decades ago. Katrina was not the first category 5, and the horrors of the storm were mostly man-made, such as failing dikes that probably shouldn’t have been there. Likewise Sandy wasn’t that bad of a hurricane by history, but (ahem) they didn’t have subways on the island of Manhattan 200 yrs ago, or roller coasters on Long Island.

My kids hate it when I say such things. But geez, they’re true! I used to have a family practice doc years ago and I mentioned these things, and mentioned that I still had a copy of the Newsweek story about impending global cooling from the 1970’s. He replied ‘you don’t believe in global warming?! SERIOUSLY??’ Our relationship was never the same. I believe in global warming enough to read everything I can about the topic – not the stupid news, but the research. Yes, I believe. But I also see the hype with every tornado. I remember the tornado that went right over my home before hitting a home in Garden Village a couple doors down from Pete, my good friend. I remember the constant stories about monsoons and floods in Bangladesh back then. I think typing global warming just raised my SEO score by two points. Should it?

I know. There go half my readers. But now that Europe is firing up gas power plants and California is asking people not to charge their electric cars, shouldn’t we really try to get this right? is this the right time to stifle all debate? I used to have a web page called Warmal Globing. I dumped it 10 years ago. I just looked to see if anyone had the domain, and they do — and they are trying to sell it for $3500!! Maybe I’m not as good at ‘investing’ as I thought. I can’t find any of those articles on the internet now. I search and it takes me to my old warmal globing ‘for sale’ listing, of all things. But what about disproving the null hypothesis? Do we not do that anymore? Just asking for a friend. No, I’m not a MAGA trumper. Just a curious person who knows how media works. Heck, look at my SEO plugin — it raised me 5 points for having a headline with ‘negative sentiment’, which attracts more readers. And that’s just my blog!

Most of my links from mainstream media from those days are gone from the Internet for some reason.

“Hah” he sneered… they are right here on my 2008 laptop:

I have a copy of that web site in Microsoft Publisher, but the images are too small. But the ‘wayback machine’ still has them, unscrubbed from history. Are newspapers afraid of looking bad, or are they afraid of people knowing they made mistakes and may make them again?

I cannot find an article from my site entitled ‘The Little Ice Age: When global cooling gripped the world. Now all I can find is a test from some university, but I don’t know the ‘correct’ answers.

I read ‘Five Days at Memorial’ before my surgery, about a hospital in New Orleans where docs and nurses euthanized patients rather than leave them to die. Horrible stuff. They couldn’t get helicopters to the patients because of government and business errors, and some patients were simply too large (over 300 lbs) or too critical to move up or down the stairs.

Gosh, I am so easily distracted. This AM my wife went out to do yoga, and I slept in. I’m watching a pattern I never noticed – one of the things to notice when you’re sick on a dying planet (bang!). The rain paused, and a bunch of robins appeared in the driveway, grabbing the worms that came from the flooded ground. Then it rained again and the robins disappeared, coming back at the next pause.

Robins patiently waiting for worms to crawl to a certain death

My question: do robins hate the rain? Or do they reflexively leave their nexts whenever rain stops? A squirrel kept running back and forth… do squirrels eat worms? It didn’t eat any robins…. I would have noticed. And why haven’t worms evolved with giant poison spikes to keep birds away? I realize earthworms were imported from Europe (true — look it up!) but I think they have birds there too.

This is, of course, just ONE of the things to notice when you’re sick on a dead orb (shoot – nothing).

Maybe more later. BTW I read that adding pictures really boosts SEO scores. Final score 76. The Pack plays late today. Finally, I just added the part about a warming world in the text and headline and my score bounced to 88. No lie. Have a nice day everyone!


Stephanie Jane · September 12, 2022 at 11:17 pm

I actually finished reading 5 Days at Memorial about a month ago. Yikes right? What a book to read as you’re getting ready to head in for major surgery. When I read a lot it often influences my dreams. If I’d been you- sleeping in a strange place, about to head into major surgery and reading that particular book, I could see my dreams getting pretty creepy haha! But I often read one scary/depressing book and then one on the other end of the spectrum to even that out haha. I love Wisconsin digital library (FREE app to plug in your library card numbers and thousands of titles!)

admin · September 13, 2022 at 7:46 am

I didn’t know about that app – thanks! Yes– the book was good. I could almost smell the hospital… for those who haven’t read it, toilets overflowing and the people there ‘going’ in closets and corners, little or no fresh water, no AC and stifling heat, bodies decaying…

Horrible – and true. I’m glad they stopped prosecuting the docs and nurses. What else could they have done? Just leave people to slowly die?

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