I could probably come up with a post about insight and addiction.. about how during active addiction, a person will lose the ability to see the big picture…  and then tie the idea to the limitations on human imagination…
But I really just want to share this video with you.  It is from the 1970’s or 1980’s– a person from that era trying to look forward, at the future of news and technology.  Am I the only person who feels like the 1980’s was just yesterday?  Will somebody please slow things down for a minute?!

Times have changed!

Times have changed!

I bought my 128 K Mac in the mid-1980’s, and used it for my graduate thesis.  Up to that point I had to type my term papers or other assignments using a typewriter, something that most readers have probably never even seen, let alone used.  (By the way– what happened to all those old typewriters?)  The Mac was incredible– moving this thing called a ‘mouse’, and making an arrow move on a screen– that alone was worth the $2000 price tag.  And that it took about 5 minutes to ‘save’ a document, or that documents were limited to about 5 pages long– those were minor inconveniences.  In fact, taking 5 minutes to ‘save’ seemed incredibly fast– how the heck does it write all of the information on the disc THAT FAST?!
I wonder what the future holds for you young folk–  will it be as mind boggling as the past 20 years?


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