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  1. Amarosa

    THANK YOU!!! As usual, you hit it right on!! I just wish these idiots werent scaring people away from what might actually save their lives! Telling one “THEY CAN DO IT!” you dont need another drug, especially if your goal is to be clean…I see so many people at one particular place, talked out of suboxone treatment, only to get clean, stay clean for a few weeks and they are right back asking for information on suboxone again, only to be told “well, you just made it clean for 3 weeks, shoot for 6 weeks this time, YOU CAN DO IT! Ummm, NO THEY CANT!! It just doesnt work that way…or i would have been clean 8 years ago, ALONE, with no help or therapy.How do we change this “suboxone stigma” and the complete misinformation and blatant lies? As a suboxone patient, i feel OBLIGATED to give others the correct information, so they have the same opportunity i did, by saving my life from a world filled with addiction. My personal goal is to educate as many people as i can with factual info and the link to this blog. THANK YOU so much for addressing this for me.

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