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  1. tommy2toes

    I am in the same boat as the writer. I told my VA doc that I couldn’t take oxycodone but I could handle hydrocodone. It was a lie and I take way more than prescribed. I have taken as many as 50 10mg Lortabs in a day. Withdrawal for me is worse trying to stop the tabs than it was percs. I have six screws and four rods in my back and my pain is real. However the reasonable doses of hydrocodone does not really address my pain. I start suboxone treatment in 2 weeks. I really want to stop taking pills all the time, blowing through my prescription and spending all of my money on pills. I have jumped off cold turkey before, however after a few days the withdrawals are gone but my back pain is where it has always been. If I don’t take alot of lortabs a day I get sick and can’t control my consumption. I’m ready for a change, I want to stop craving the pills all of the time. I hope the suboxone works. Any real advice is appreciated.

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