I apologize for the hiatus. For some reason, all of the posts from the past year suddenly disappeared… and backup files, which would normally be used to restore the site, were corrupt. At least one of the IT experts I consulted believed that the site was infected by a malicious robot… but I’m not sure if I agree, since I don’t have any robots that I’m enemies with.
I was able to pull the posts from the database files… the process reminds me of the movie Argo, where photos of embassy workers were reconstructed from shredded documents, but without the help of hundreds of small children. I am going to start posting those older posts, and hopefully Google will eventually index them properly, so that searches at SuboxSearch.com will point in the right direction.
I appreciate your patience… please feel free to read the old installments, and watch for the new entries that will be coming out now and then!


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