1. SneakyElephant

    I don’t know what drug tests are like in the US or the military, but at the clinic I attend in the UK it is as follows:
    The counsellor gives you a little plastic pot with a screw top and a 2 part tube arrangement inside. There is also a graduated sticker on the side with boxes for amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, benzodiazepenes, opiates and buprenorphine. You pee in the pot and hand it back. The counsellor then fiddles around with the lid and screws it on, making sure that the sample covers the ‘testing’ part of the little gadget inside. He waits for a minute or so, then checks the scale. Each box has a sensitive reagent which shows as a little bar in the box. One bar is a positive reading, two bars is negative.
    This test seems to be pretty accurate. For example when I took my first test, it showed positive for not only heroin, but also benzos, which I never knowingly take. It turned out that my last dealer had been cutting the gear with crushed up diazepam (valium) pills to bulk it out. Also, after about a month of sub treatment I smoked half a joint of really crappy moroccan hash one saturday night. On the following wednesday I had a test. My counsellor went through the procedure, then read the result on the scale. He turned to me with a little smile and asked if I had smoked any weed lately.He showed me the scale, and sure enough the marijuana box showed positive. Of course there was no denying it, and it wasn’t a problem as it’s not really considered a big deal over here unless you’re dealing it. However I was quite surprised at the sensitivity of the test, it really was only a very skinny half-doobie that I smoked. I should point out that the test also showed a positive for buprenorphine, as it should.
    There is also another test, which is like a little flat white lollipop on a stick. The guy unwraps it and gives it to you. You place it between your cheek and gum, and leave it there for a couple of minutes. The counsellor then takes it back and bags it up with your case details printed on the side. I don’t know how this thing reacts, whether it changes colour later or what. All I know is that it tastes FOUL, like animal glue. I suspect that it just takes a sample of epithelial cheek cells, which are lab tested at another site for substance abuse.

  2. rogue44

    I get tested through two different agencies. I am on 2 and 1/2 8 mg Suboxone films a day. I take them every morning when I wake up. Yet, when tested for Suboxone they are not showing up! They think the worst, of course. My recovery is in jeopardy for they may remove me from the program.
    Has anyone ever had this happen or know why it could be happening? I need advice, they also have children and youth involved now and I am at risk of losing my baby if they do not get this straitened out!!!

  3. I'm me

    Okay I just have a question… I am on Suboxone maintenance.. I was just told today that I’m positive for bupronorphone, but negative for naloxone.. how is that even possible? Sometimes I don’t take both in a day, but I always take at least one. And I just don’t understand how one would be showing up and the other not.. I do sometimes administer them rectally if I’m feeling sick, because of the taste, but I have consistently take my Suboxone.

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t knwo the answer to that one. Understand though that the absorption and metabolism of both buprenorphine and naloxone will vary depending on whether you take it rectally or sublingually! With sublingual dosing, 70% of a dose of Suboxone is eventually swallowed. Dosing rectally probably increases the amount absorbed from 30% to 90%. Those differences may result in accusations that you are doing something wrong…. which you are, frankly. I’d say, just take it the usual way.

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