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  1. philliesphan

    You should add to your list of informative “drug themed” websites. Although the site does sometimes take a pro-drug approach to some topics, the author tries his best to present information as unbiased and strictly “informational.” As the website name implies, the topics mainly refer to those who prefer heroin as their drug of choice. However, there is much to be gained in using this website from anyone who uses opiate-type drugs as the information on the site ranges from managing withdrawal, to harm reduction, and even political philosophy regarding psychoactive substances. In addition, I see many similarities in and this site. In both instances the authors present information in a rather interesting manner. I have never been bored reading any post on Suboxone Talkzone and the same goes for heroin helper. Moreover, the author of, Dr. Francis Moraes, is not only knowledgeable but also experienced in the subject matter. As many have mentioned before, they enjoy reading the Suboxone Talkzone posts because “Suboxdoc” has been in their shoes before and has experienced the joys and horrors of opiates firsthand. The same goes for the latter website. Check it out sometime and you won’t be disappointed.

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