Many of you are familiar with my e-book, ‘User’s Guide to Suboxone,’ that has been available for sale on the web.  The copy that is sold through that site is ‘print-protected’ and copy protected;  a password is required to open the document and it cannot be printed– at least not without a bit of digital trickery.

I was just looking through the book, and realized that it ain’t that bad– I’m no Hemingway, but I think that it contains some good ideas, and the words are spelled correctly.   The chapters are listed at the end of this post.

I plan to upgrade ‘the forum’ in the near future, and part of that process includes raising money for a web designer.  My friend Jim will always be the ‘right-hand guy’ with the programming, but I can only ask for so much free help before feeling guilty!  So if anyone out there has considered making a donation, now is the time…. because a $5 donation will get you a copy of the e-book, User’s Guide to Suboxone, sent as an e-mail attachment that unlike prior forms can be printed.  I do ask that you respect the copyright, and if you want a dozen copies for your treatment center, send me a note to work out a discount– rather than simply making 11 copies.

Instead of automating things this time around, if you want a copy of the printable e-book I’ll have you use the donation button on the right side of this web site.  Just make a donation of $5 or more, and I will use the e-mail address that you use for the PayPal or Google Checkout donation to send the book as an attachment.  I’ll get it out within a day or two.  Proceeds will go to the new SuboxForum– the more I raise, the nicer I hope to make it!  As always, thank you all for your support.

List of Chapters:
A Caution
Introducing Buprenorphine
Practical considerations
High Tolerance at Induction
Precipitated Withdrawal
Pain control
Length of Maintenance
Other Medications While On Buprenorphine
Other Drugs of Abuse
Other Medications
Buprenorphine Side Effects
Twelve Step Meetings
Future trends


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