Piecemeal posting while I am waiting for labs to be drawn. I always have been skeptical about the nature of visual hallucinations because I wondered how the brain could insert images while at the same time seeing the actual, non-hallucinatory background. Most hallucinations are auditory as you probably know.

But now I’m a believer. I have been thinking back to what I saw in those early postop days. And almost the entire scene was hallucinated, answering my question. or a better description, it was as if the regular scene was over written and traced but with some other things inserted.

I saw the guy laying on the pull out sofa in my hospital room but I didn’t see his face, just his feet and body from the end of his bed. The operating room outside my door was a very bright white light shining through the windows. I’m sure that raises ideas in people but I have always been skeptical of those stories also.

Looks like time to get stuck. More another time.


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