Sometimes I get comments that seem a bit ‘out there’– Maybe you all can help me out.  Does this message seem ‘legit’ to you?  Yes, of course I know people talk this way… but do people write this way as well?  Wat’s dis? Y’all chek dis OUT!

whats up man, i have been taking sub’s 4 about 6 months now….the reson that i have been on thim for so long is cuz i was really off bad when i was useing…it was like 3-4 o.c. 80s a day …so my doc told me i really need to stay on the sub’s for like a year or so ,and i really love being off the shit … but….i really need xanax not to get fucked up. just to calm me down (idc if u know what i’m talking about but i fill on edge all the time ,and cant sleep) i was going to ask my doc. for mybe like a 1mg dose 2 times a day. but i’m shour u know how docters fill about mixing thim ..but its not like that wit me “i mean shit i know people that get 2mg bars and o.c. 40s” its B.S. enyways…..what do you think i sould say to him to get the xanax? cuz i really need it~

OK man– I dont spose U R bein str8 wit me… but… no, U R thru wit the zannies.  Dun.  (sorry– I have to go back to my boring talking).  It is time to ‘live life on life’s terms’–  If U keep doing xanax you will only end up where you started, back with the oxys.  The danger is in mixing them, although that can be dangerous if you aren’t used to at least one of them… but the real danger is in continuing to think that a substance is needed to deal with life.  I ask you (and others), if your grandmother and grandfather could face life without Xanax, why can’t you?  If all the straight people you see getting up every day, going to work, busting their butts to pay the bills… if they can do it without xanax you can to.

And yes, by the way, I have been there too.  I remember detoxing in a locked psych ward, no shoelaces (so I wouldn’t hang myself), legs kicking every which-way uncontrollably, puking, running to the bathroom with diarrhea…   after a couple weeks I had lost 20 lbs and was so weak I could hardly walk, but I still couldn’t sleep at all.  That was the worst part– being awake all night long while the rest of the house was asleep– my career gone, my family gone, depressed, sick, lonely, ashamed…  I remember looking at the clock after what seemed like hours, and seeing that 10 minutes had passed.  Yuck.  I remember my first NA meeting and how self-righteous I felt– all just cover for my shame.  But I also remember about six months later, when I finally had a good night’s sleep– I remember going outside, the sun hitting my face, and thinking about how my body was free of all that crap.

I am not a bit ’12-stepper’ but for someone having a hard time with a bunch of feelings there is nothing better, and like they say– ‘it works if you work it’.  Skip the Xanax and instead check out a meeting.

Good luck, man!

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