I think about a joke my dad used to tell over and over.  A guy is upset because his kid has never talked in his entire life.  He has taken his kid to all the specialists, but nobody has an answer.  Then at his 18th birthday party the kid blurts out “we’re having ham AGAIN?!’    His family breaks out in tears of joy, and eventually his dad asks him why he hasn’t talked for so long. The kid pauses, and then says “up to now, everything was OK.”

A dumb joke… but then again I just saw a PBS show about the life of Joan Rivers, and I was struck by how so many comedians make a living by saying things that are simply disgusting, and passing them off as ‘comedy’.  Joan’s disciples all have the same type of humor… what’s the name of that red-headed woman who did a brief stint on Seinfeld?  Just say something shockingly rude to a crowd who paid to see you, and they laugh.

Got off track.  My point was that I’m sorry for being gone so long, and I wish the reason was because there was nothing to complain about.  Unfortunately, there are still plenty of things to complain about…. the cap on doctors prescribing buprenorphine products, the large number of overdose deaths, the spread of hepatitis C and other blood-borne illnesses, the ignorance of the media and among some DA’s and law enforcement agencies…

Frankly, I took a break from writing because I was tired of being so angry all the time.  But over the past few months, I’ve received daily messages from people suffering from addiction and looking for answers.  I appreciate those of you who continue to stop by the web site and the Forum, and I’ll try to get over my anger and get some new content out here.

I have at least a few things that I’d like to address at this point– but please feel free to help me out by sharing a question, an interesting situation, or anything else that you find interesting.. and I’ll use it as a starting point for a post.  Send me an email, or leave a comment… and I’ll be back!
BTW, hope everyone had a nice summer!


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