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  1. summergirl

    I wanted to send a post to ask a question about pregnancy – the post I just read really scared me and the other post you wrote really made me feel better. The one that made me feel better was the one where you explained how suboxone does not affect the epidural and delivering a baby while on suboxone is okay as long as you meet with the dr. and anesthesioligist prior to the delivery. The post that made me scared is the one where a woman actually had her baby taken from her b/c the mother was on suboxone. Can this happen? I’m 33 and have been on suboxone for almost 3 months. I feel great – considering I’m coming off a 3 year percocet addiction that I couldn’t kick without help. I’m like a new person and I’m really interested in getting pregnant. But I don’t know if I need to get off the suboxone (I take 8 mg / day) before I get pregnant, if I should remain on it, etc. If I continue taking it will I have to visit a high risk obgyn? Will the dr think I am a drug addict scum bag? Will I be able to deliver the baby and have an epidural? Will my baby be taken from me b/c I used to be addicted to percocets and needed suboxone to help me? I’m so scared and confused. I’m worried that an addiction to pain pills has made me lost my option to have a child. Please help!! Your opinion is greatly wanted and appreciated!!

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