1. fairrobin

    Amazing and commendable that she was clean at the time except for alcohol. Dr J, your comments only echoed what many of us had suspected. Sadly, either way, she is deceased. I wonder if she has HCV?
    I have read that illicit and prescribed substances can remain in the body, in the fat cells and bone marrow and remain undetected in blood samples. Stories reported she went on a “bender” of sorts, a week before her death.
    These same drugs can also create an abnormality in the cardiac conduction system, by prolonging the Q-T interval, causing a fatal heart rhythm. These drugs can also contribute to cardiomyopathy, which renders the heart essentially non functional. Drugs of any type carry a phone book sized warning system and any medication one uses has to be carefully monitered by ONE primary physician.
    In Amys case, what a tragedy, what a loss for our world. She made the ultimate sacrifice. Perhaps her tragedy will be the wake up call for so many that are living in the addicted and dependent world.
    Thank you for this discussion. FR

  2. llatikcuf

    First post so if this ends up on the DEA places to go and things to do list then I’m just joking around by being here. So in the spirit of somewhere else I was reading, Amy was clean “says who” The way I heard it, she had no nasties in her blood so says her family. How many times to families try to pull this one off? I remember when Jimmi Hendrix died they said the same thing, and down thru the ages it is the same. Of course she could be the one in a million that just happened to die right after getting clean from…..from….from what?

  3. tic

    “Amazing and commendable that she was clean at the time except for alcohol” Really? Amy Winehouse is dead from her addiction. I don’t see anything commendable and amazing about that. Worst of all, people are still making excuses for her including her own mother.

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