1. gabagool

    This….I don’t understand….WHY must a person ALWAYS be “suffering” when they abuse, become addicted and DIE from drug abuse….REALLY, WHY can’t it simply be…..Hey, i was happy BEFORE I took drugs, when I took them, I was happIER, which is better than happy.
    Then, once we know how much better happIER is than just plain happy, some of us what that feeling all the time, and boom, hello addiction.
    I think…..EVERYONE is suffering when the ARE addicted, but NOT everyone is suffereing BEFORE….does that make sense??

    • I suppose that some people enjoyed the ride longer than others. For me, the enjoyable feelings from the chemical were offset, fairly early in my addiction, by the feeling of being trapped by something I couldn’t stop. The relief from withdrawal was certainly about the best experience in the world…. but if I hadn’t picked up, I wouldn’t have been sick in the first place. But I hear you; the subjective effects of opioids are powerfully pleasant. I can’t say, though, that the trade-off was worth it.

  2. seekingserenity

    I only really enjoyed the beginning of my addiction. The fun party phase. Before I really had to lie cheat and steal. Before I had pushed away all the good people in my life. Even when I did get relief from withdrawal I wasn’t really happy, just comftorable and content for that fleeting moment.
    We lost an amazing soul when Amy Winehouse died. I really hate that there are so many bad articles out there about her.

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