1. zenith

    Hey Doc
    I saw that article and a couple more on the same topic, and was wondering about the study used. They said they gave 8 healthy, non opioid dependent volunteers a dose of morphine, then a week later another dose with zofran added, and asked the to fill out questionnaires on their “withdrawal symptoms”. What on earth kind of withdrawals would you have after ONE dose of morphine, in a non addicted individual? I read two different articles that both described the process of testing the drug in this way–that makes no sense to me.

  2. Excellent point! I had the same reaction, and should have mentioned that the ‘study’ was nothing like what all of us are dealing with.
    I have given zofran to several people at this point– 8 mg every 8 hours– and I can assure you that it is not a ‘wonder drug’. There is an impression that it makes things a bit less severe, but you know how the ‘placebo effect’ goes…. So alas… doesn’t appear to be the miracle we all want.
    Thanks for bringing this important point to everyone’s attention.

  3. lmgmiami

    I have a friend that has been using Suboxone but because of the cost has not been taking it regularly. Fortunately he has been able to stay off the Oxy and become much more productive. It has been a hard road, I don’t need to tell you. He battles with a diagnosed chemical imbalance which he takes Wellbutrine regularly now and occasionally the clonopine for anxiety. I don’t know how he does it but he some how has managed to continue going through college (he is a senior at a major university) and not letting his family in on his problem. His biggest problem now is the constant feeling of nausea and after reading this I am wondering if it is the suboxone that is the culprit. It has been some time now since he has done any oxy. I have tried telling him to take the suboxone everyday and slowly come off of it but his constant thought of the cost has him on this roller coaster of only half dosing or when he is having a really good day not taking it at all. I understand that this is not recommend way of taking it but in some ways it has helped him. How long do you have to be completely off the suboxone for the nausea to stop?

  4. jillbecker83

    Thanks for the info on zofran. I’m in the process of getting off suboxone and need help on the days I lower my doses or skip pills. I’ve got bottle from when I had the flu a few months back and think I’ve even got some leftover from pregnancy. I do have a question if you do get back with me. Will phenergen work the same way? I’ve got tons of those too. But the only thing with that is when I was pregnant I had severe restless legs when I would take it for some reason. So I just want to make sure it’s not going to make that sympton worse. I’ve been on subs for six months, got off for 3 weeks while taking nucynta and tried to wean off that and thought that was way too hard. So I’m slowly coming down this time. I’m at 2mg a day. I did take one extra tonight though. I just was so tired. It’s so hard to take care of a baby when you can’t move! This would be easier if I could just lay on the couch and not have to worry about anybody else. It’s hard when you have kids. But I love her so much and she is the reason I’m doing this. Wow I’ve rambled. Well hope to hear from you. Thanks again.

    • To answer your question, I don’t think phenergan will cause you to have restless legs– is usually doesn’t anyway, as it is an antihistamine and antihistamines don’t have that effect. But phenergan may not be as effective as zofran for withdrawl, since zofran works entirely differently.
      As most people who read my blog know, because of the long-term risk of relapse, I generally recommend that people just stay on Suboxone for a very long time– especially if they are struggling with pain or taking care of small children. That’s just my opinion… but the drug appears to be safe for taking long-term. I try to help my patients come to terms with having a chonic illness, and stay on the drug until they are in their 30’sor older, when their lives are back on track. I sell recordings called ‘how long are you going to take that stuff? on a web site– the web site is http://www.addt-ed.com— and the recordings are designed for family members and others who don’t ‘get’ the point of taking Suboxone.
      Take care,

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